HMZ Capital - Your Partner in Progress
HMZ Capital - Your Partner in Progress

Some 10 years ago, our founder Ntuthuko Zwane discovered his interest in supporting the sustainable growth of companies and the development of people through providing businesses with access to finance. He began shaping his initial concept into a business and over the next few years, this grew into a firm resolve and the founding of HMZ Capital.

At first we offered elementary services to our clients. We’ve grown to concentrate almost solely on capital raising (both financial and human) and we opened our office in Broadway, Durban North in 2016. HMZ Capital now employs two full-time staff and supports other local businesses providing us with specialist services.

Growth in revenue from our start to the present is primarily due to our strengthening network and getting solid partners in sourcing quality referrals. High performing companies are encouraged by our early successes in achieving their funding goals and make regular recommendations, increasing our base of satisfied clients.

HMZ Capital will continue growing our client and funder networks through a strong emphasis on referral and repeat business. We are focused on service and helping our clients to set and reach business goals through giving dedicated attention to bringing a company’s vision to fruition in a realistic way. We do this with commitment to a successful outcome and through encouraging a strong interest in the development of our country’s people.


Our values inform our daily activities as a company.

These common values allow us to serve and support our client companies through every phase of their growth and to preserve trust with our investor base.


“Ntuthuko”, our founder’s name, means “Prosperity” and embeds his wholehearted interest in improving other people’s lives through leaving them in a more successful, flourishing and thriving condition than that in which he finds them, especially in financial respects.


By being honest in all our transactions, activities and meetings, we operate at the highest level of integrity. We are fair, decent in all our dealings, and place value in trust. This keeps us whole and able to deliver exemplary services.


We hold the confidence of our client and investor companies at the highest level. HMZ Capital is faithful in the secure protection of private data and information. We keep all matters confidential, and this, in turn, serves to deepen our integrity.


HMZ Capital operates with a sense of ownership and leadership, encouraging the same in everyone. We accept responsibility for our actions and this increases our influence. We primarily hold ourselves accountable for right outcomes in all our financial dealings.


Being open and accountable, we function in ways that are clear, direct and responsive. We communicate with transparency and this contributes to a real connection between all parties involved in specific negotiations and transactions.

We’ll help you find your funding partner


Office: +27 31 564 9229


HMZ Capital - Your Partner in Progress
HMZ Capital - Your Partner in Progress

 Continued investment by our funders into key sectors of our South African economy like manufacturing, agro-processing, import/ export, maritime and logistics, franchising, construction and engineering, along with the rapidly growing renewable energy sector is creating a steady flow of new opportunities for companies with specific and broad-based expertise in these sectors.

Since our network is responsive and strong, HMZ Capital is able to hear about projects and potential deals in the pipeline before these are advertised. In serving our client companies, we’re proactive in our approach to networking with capital funders at the forefront of emerging markets. When it’s time to act, we’re at the ready, prepared to support our clients in their aspirations and the building of excellent businesses.

Coupling our knowledge of the financing industry with our strong network of appropriate financing specialists and funders, HMZ Capital is well positioned to support businesses with turnovers above R4M through each stage of growth in the business life cycle.

“It is not often that you come across a Banker and Capital raising specialist that embodies what we look for in a business partner. Ever since Teekay left his last banking job we have worked together where we have sent him some deals and he has shown great understanding of business financial information and financial analysis, an attention to detail, and he delivers on his mandate: to leave no stone unturned in finding funding solutions for his clients.” – Gavin Bacon, sole owner of Pinetown Accountants cc t/a Pinetown Accountants and Tax Consultants.