Key Alliances of  HMZ Capital:  Experiencing a strengthening of our network of client companies and investors operating within industries vital to growth in the South African economy.

Key Alliances

Companies we work with include established businesses in the manufacturing, agro-processing, import/export, maritime and logistics, franchising, construction and engineering, and renewable energy sectors and whose pressing funding requirement is a minimum of R1M.

South Africa’s biodiversity, together with a 3,000-km-long coastline served by eight commercial ports, favours the cultivation and export of a diverse range of products. HMZ Capital is in alliance with companies delivering innovation within these vital and growing sectors.

The country’s manufacturing base is well established and shows resilience competing within a global economy. This sector stimulates growth in the services industry and is also a proven platform for job creation and economic empowerment within the region.

Our client companies perform significant roles in improving our country’s economy and the quality of life of people in our community. HMZ Capital’s approach is to work together with businesses being built from the ground up, founded by people who innovate and who value job quality.

Key Alliances: business process outsourcing and off-shoring

Other growing sectors of interest to HMZ Capital include those focused on business process outsourcing and off-shoring. South Africa is becoming a favoured location for this type of activity, as companies worldwide respond to increasing cost and efficiency pressures.

Our founder’s role as Chairperson for the Economic Affairs Forum and as a member of the Council of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry further encourages our insight into key aspects of development and contribution to large projects in the city of Durban.

As we specialize in key segments of growing industries and establish our competitive advantage in these areas, HMZ Capital is becoming a firm choice for benefactors wishing to source businesses operating at the forefront of local innovation that are worthy of their investment. 

We continue to progress towards creating a fund management capability with available funds targeted towards the development of small and medium-sized businesses holding immense potential to become national and possibly global industry leaders.

“Teekay and HMZ Capital have been instrumental in getting me finance for my property and a holistic suite of financing solutions for me to grow my business. What sets him apart is his knowledge of the funding system and his networks and expertise in the financing industry.” – Brendan Bam, Sole Member of RSA Truck and Trailer Repairs cc.