Capital Raising Pricing Matrix  
Service TypeCompany TurnoverPrice (Excl. VAT)
Capital Raising PlanR0-R10m5000
Increments every R5m thereafter> R10m2500
Increments every R5m thereafter>R30m5000
Increments every R5m thereafter>R80m7500
Increments every R5m thereafter>R120m10000
Payable in full upfront.
If the funders are foreign or not part of the normal Top 10 South African Funding Landscape
Capital Raising Exercise
Service TypeLoan Amount RequestedPrice (Excl. VAT)
Commitment Fee R0-R5m5000
For every R5m thereafterR5m-R10m7500
For every R5m thereafterR10m-R25m10000
For every R5m thereafterR25m-R35m20000
For every R5m thereafterR35m-R50m30000
For every R5m thereafterR50m-R75m40000
Fee for Capital RaisingAll0.015
Commitment Fee is Non-refundable and payable upfront prior to commencement of work.
Payable in full 3 weeks after first approval is received by our clients.
Approvals of exact amount requested are not guaranteed.
Approvals are not guaranteed and entirely at the behest of the funders.
Hourly Rate
Compilation of any documents by HMZ Capital on behalf of the client1500
Travel > 100 km radius total kilometre recoup feeper kilometre7
Corporate Advisory
Service TypeUnitPrice (Excluding VAT)
BEE Deal AdvisoryHourly4000
Transactional AdvisoryHourly4000
Relationship AdvisoryHourly1500
Cash Flow Management OptimisationHourly1000
Employee upskillingHourly2500
Feasibility Studies and Due Diligences
Service TypeUnitPrice (Excluding VAT)
Feasibility Study & Due Diligences
Deal size greater less than R20m45000
Deal size R20m-R100m80000
30 billable hour limit exceededHourly4000
Greater R100mPrice determined on request and as per the needs of our clients.
Simple Business Plan15000
Simple Marketing Plan10000
Process Flow ChartingHourly1500
Financial ModellingHourly1500
Service TypeUnitPrice (Excluding VAT)
Business Evolution Strategy Series (Payment per day) 5 Full Day Workshops17500
Business Evolution Strategy Series (Once-off payment) 5 Full Day Workshops15000
Capital Raising Made Easy for Accountants3 hours2499
Cash Flow Management Improvement for Business People1499
Cash Flow Management Improvement for Business People>R10m Turnover2499
Cash Flow Management Improvement for Business People>R30mPrice on request.
Capital Raising Module for Business Owners1 Hours599
Writing a winning Business Plan4 Hours3489
The prices quoted p/h are for consultations with a Business Evolutionist at HMZ Capital and are payable upfront prior to each meeting or work to be undertaken.
While introductory meetings are free, the business evolutionist will indicate when this consultation starts being billable and give you a choice to continue.
Prices are cumulative and subject to confirmation via quotation from HMZ Capital