HMZ Capital consults with businesses of all kinds, using our expert knowledge and experience to help with streamlining strategies and optimizing resources. We are also able to assist with preparing a strong exit strategy and with succession planning.

Our cash flow management consultancy enables businesses to build and manage their cash resources better. Specifically, we advise on the following transactions: the disposal, dilution or purchase of shares, the acquisition of shares in another entity, and BEE transactions (for both purchasers and sellers).

Within these broad categories, we have experience in:  

·          company valuation

·          ideal/efficient deals and company structures

·          developing a company prospectus

·          financial modelling

·          capital raising road shows

·          feasibility studies

·          capital raising program evaluation

·          establishing broad-base reach

·          buyer-seller matching

·          Cashflow Management

·          Disposable & Aquistition of shares in other entities &

·          BEE Deals.

HMZ Capital pursues depth of experience in using both qualitative (non-financial) and quantitative (financial) analyses to generate the advisory detail required by our clients to move their businesses to the next level. Here, the “money” is in the detail.  


We also provide Business Skills Workshops for small businesses



FEASIBILITY STUDIESOur feasibility studies unit undertakes and presents various types of feasibility study to support business investment. The most common of these is the compilation of a business plan or strategy that sets out in detail the core operating capability of our client’s business and enables access to capital markets. This results in the creation of a structured environment for our client that becomes a conduit for sustainable growth. 


We promote and support the making of wise business decisions by conducting feasibility studies on behalf of clients wishing to acquire a business. HMZ Capital enable the discovery of the viability of potential business deals and give due consideration to prospective return on investment by providing detailed risk analyses.

Businesses, non-profit organizations and government institutions rely on HMZ Capital to build robust market-beating strategies and feasibility studies like: 


·                    market insights


·                    business, marketing and sales planning


·                    export strategies, value chain analyses


·                    internal audits


·                    strategy performance evaluations


·                    restructuring planning and implementation




CAPITAL RAISINGWe are strongly capable of sourcing the cash flow needed by businesses to grow, defend or acquire a business and/or market share. Our capital-raising services  are mainly aimed at existing businesses turning over R4M a year. 


Our expert services include raising finance for:

● Working Capital or Cash Flow

● Assets Acquisition or Alienation– vehicles, equipment, some furnitureand fittings to R1M

● International Trade 

● Mergers and Acquisitions

● Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

● Commercial Property

● Fleet Management Services

● Projects or Contracts

● Accessing non-traditional funding institutions and facilities.

HMZ Capital also has a strong, active database and network of active institutions and companies that finance businesses, including:

● Traditional Banks

● Non-big-four Banks

● Development Finance Institutions

● Private Equity Firms

● Independent Lenders (business-to-business).

We have deep expertise in capital raising. Activities on behalf of our clients include the following:

1We further endeavour to raise capital for our clients by optimizing existing working capital cycles as much as possible. We undertake risk mitigation exercises to ensure that hard-earned and built assets are always protected. And we uncover hidden potential for capital-raising through enquiry into all aspects of the business, ensuring that our clients are placed in a better position through our efforts.

A considerable amount of attention is given to supporting efforts to improve cash flow and access to funding vital to sustainability and growth. Entrepreneurs need not be alone in the struggle. 


HMZ Capital is experienced in capital-raising protocols and processes, structured funding, timing, and business growth patterns. 2


We understand the methodology used by funders to make decisions and are able to communicate business performance,  future prospects and detail needs on behalf of our clients in language that funding organizations accept. 

HMZ Capital is experienced in bridging the communications gap between businesses and their potential funders. We support small and medium-sized businesses in their quest for growth through specialist financial services. 3

Self-employed individuals wishing to acquire home loan finance may also approach us for assistance as we recognize that many people and companies fail to gain the help they need from their traditional banking partners. 


We offer support with finance for operational expenditure, capital expenditure, bridging lengthy cash flow cycles, and augmenting capital structure at 4crucial times. We use and share information about financial analysis tools that support healthy financial goal-setting to improve cash flow and investor pull.

In-house, our core capital-raising capability extends to small and medium-sized businesses with turnover up to R500M and deal sizes up to R400M. Above these thresholds, we include partners that finance larger deal sizes on a daily basis, to augment our capability.

In line with a dynamic world, our client companies often require investment of capital from internal or external sources at crucial times. The processes we use in pre-qualification and support are proactive and are further explained in ‘Company Processes’.

Specifically, HMZ Capital focuses its efforts on the following activities on behalf of our clients: