Core Values and Selling

Core Values and selling

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It is without a shadow of doubt that a person’s core values drives their behaviour. Over the long run it also influences who they associate and build relationships with. Analogously, in a business the core values of a business are often some of the key things that a potential buyer or customer buys into first before they buy into the product. In a highly competitive industry such as legal services in South Africa it is often referrals and/or value-based sales that make one succeed over others. Yes, even with homogeneous goods where your business is a price-taker you can perform better than the rest. Core Values and Selling together generate better cash flow the business in the long run.

It follows from this then that the values are as good as the behaviour that others around you consume from it. If honesty and integrity are your values then you must act in a way that shows that. Clients (existing and potential) will only buy into that if they experience it themselves or someone they trust has experienced it from you. Infusing this understanding into your Sales pitch will move you greatly towards winning that business/work from your potential or existing client. It is often said that if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything. Read more