High Net Worth Individuals or Families (HNWI or HNWF): Are you asset-rich but cash flow poor?


Almost every business manager or owner is taught to build their productive and value-holding assets in times of excess cash flow. This is because these assets generally assist in times when cash flow is hard to come by. This holds even truer for people/businesses who are still building both their cash flow and asset base. This indeed is some of the advice that I have personally given to all my High Income and High Net Worth clients at some point or other. I have always made an effort especially with business owners so that they can weather cash flow deficiencies better in the future. I often advocate that this be done either in the entity where operations are in effect, a separate entity or the business owner’s personal financial profile. While the type and profile of assets that are most desirable are topics for another blog entry it is vital that one puts oneself in a position to take advantage of this once they are in need of some cash flow injection. Read more